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Artec Eva

Artec Eva


Artec’s light, fast and versatile full-color scanner with an ease of use that has made it a market leader and an essential tool in a wide range of industries. Artec innovation in smart scanning means even hard to scan surfaces are a breeze for users of all expertise levels. With the fast capture speed of 16fps and a large scanning volume, the Artec Eva means professionals get the data they want at the speed they need.

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3 Steps to a Stunning

3D Scan


1. Scan Your Object

Use your Artec Eva to a get a fast, yet detailed rendering of your object.


2. Import and Optimize

Put together all pieces of your scan, then polish up your rendering.


3. Add Textures and Export

Use innovative software to give your object realistic textures and colors, then export your project to the web or a database for showcasing and safekeeping.

Benefits of

The Artec Eva

16 FPS Scanning

16 FPS Scanning

The Eva captures and processes at the same time at a rate of two million points per second — all with an accuracy down to a tenth of a millimeter. With the Eva, detailed and precise 3D scanning doesn’t have to take all day.

Battery Compatible & Portable

Battery Compatible & Portable

The Artec Eva weighs less than 2 lbs, making it one of the lightest and most powerful handheld 3D scanners in the industry. Pair your lightweight 3D scanner with a portable battery that has six hours of interrupted scanning, and you have a truly portable scanning solution.


Point-and-Shoot Capable

No need for targets or calibration here. Start up your Eva, point it, and shoot — just like you would with a video camera.


Easy Software Integration

Multiple Evas can be easily synced together to scan larger 3D objects. Scanners can also be paired with compatible software solutions for faster processing, editing, and exporting.

Choose the 3D Scanner Experts

The Artec Eva is a great professional 3D scanner for people of all industries and skill levels — but it’s only one part of a 3D scanning system. At Reality 3D, we help you build an entire 3D scanning system for your needs that includes a scanner, 3D scanning software, and tools and knowhow to get you off to a fast start.

Don’t want to do it all yourself? We also offer 3D scanning services in Denver and across the country. We’ll scan your objects for you, create beautiful 3D renderings, and provide you with useful data that makes your business better. Whatever you need in the world of 3D, we have you covered.Call us directly to get started.

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