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Reality 3D is proud to offer the best 3D scanning services for various industries. We have the technology and expertise to successfully fulfill your scanning needs!

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3D scanning can help eCommerce businesses increase conversions and create captivating visuals for customers. Reality 3D offers top-tier scanners, custom solutions, and limitless possibilities for businesses. Benefits include easy design, quality control, physical measurements, and engineering analysis.

Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering is an effective, accurate, and efficient way to create CAD models from physical objects. Artec 3D scanners provide pinpoint-accurate measurements, stunning 3D renderings, and useful, actionable data. Benefits include modernized manufacturing processes, faster R&D, improved products, stunning rich media assets, and more data.


Reality 3D offers Artec 3D scanners and scanning software to create 2D, geospatial, and 3D objects for AR/VR platforms. It can be used for entertainment, education, museums, job training, manufacturing, medical, and more. It is a great way to diversify marketing content, create an interactive experience, and stand out from the rest.

Oil and Gas

3D scanning is the future for the Oil and Gas industry, providing reliable and accurate data. You can work from true existing site conditions and reverse engineer every shape and size. Reality 3D offers top-tier 3D scanners and professional services to get the data you need.


3D scanning is revolutionizing the medical industry, providing accurate, safe, and precise measurements. Our 3D scanners can help orthopedic patients by providing customized prosthetics and orthotic devices, processing software to detect small movements, and reducing time and money. Talk to our experts to learn more about how 3D scanning can help you

Military and Defense

Reality 3D provides fast, precise 3D scanning services for military and defense applications. Reverse engineer parts and equipment, utilize first article and production inspection, and capture designs. As a certified Artec 3D partner, we are the best scanning service in the nation.

Education and Research

3D scanning advances knowledge and can be used in university classrooms and research labs to create hands-on learning, boost creativity and deliver new in-demand skills. Reality 3D provides high-quality scanners, software and services that your educational facility can take advantage of!

Art and Sculpture

3D scanning services can be used to create, preserve, and study art and sculptures digitally. Reality 3D offers high-quality 3D renderings, fast rendering processes, certified Artec 3D partner, and scaling objects.

Video Game Design

3D scanning can help video game developers create high-quality renderings faster and more accurately. It can be used to scan faces, bodies, objects, and environments for use in video games. It offers increased accuracy, quality, and speed for creating content for video games.

Industrial Design

3D scanners from Reality 3D offer precision, quality, and speed to industrial design processes. They can be used for quality control, rapid prototyping, and reverse engineering. Our experts have the experience and top-tier scanners to get you the highest resolution renderings possible.


3D scanning is the perfect technology for automotive design, engineering, and manufacturing. It offers sub-millimeter accuracy for 3D renderings, reducing errors and speeding up the process. Reality 3D offers scanners and services to help integrate 3D scanning into your process.


3D scanning from Reality 3D is a great way for museums to engage visitors, preserve cultural heritage, and create stunning AR/VR platforms for education and outreach. We provide 3D scanners and professional services to help you get started.

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