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Ultrafast Long-Range 3D Scanner for High-Accuracy, Professional Captures

Experience the game-changing Artec Ray II 3D scanner, designed for capturing expansive areas, scenes, and objects with unmatched precision and speed. With a remarkable range of up to 130 meters and professional-grade 3D point accuracy, the Ray II sets the standard for excellence in 3D scanning. Its intuitive user interface and wireless capability provide a seamless scanning experience while reimagining the customer digital experience by replacing static photos with rendered photo-realistic scan data.

At Reality 3D, we’re pleased to introduce the Artec Ray II 3D scanner to our customers. As the most trusted provider of 3D scanners and 3D scanning services in Denver, CO, we can help you achieve new levels of success in your industry. Learn more about what this revolutionary 3D scanner has to offer, and then get started with us today.

Ways To Use the Artec Ray II

The Artec Ray II 3D scanner is purposefully designed to capture intricate details, making it perfect for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Factory Floors

  • Bridges

  • Wind Turbines

  • Forensic Scenes

  • Ship Propellers

  • Airplanes

  • Archeological Sites

  • Infrastructure

  • Historical Preservation

In addition, the LiDAR technology utilized by the Ray II is ideal for a multitude of applications, such as reverse engineering, creating true-to-life digital twins, inspecting crime scenes, and documenting infrastructural changes over time.

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Seamless Integration With Other Artec 3D Scanners

Enhance your 3D scanning experience by combining the capabilities of the Artec Ray II with the handheld Artec Leo. By pairing these two devices, you can not only capture expansive scenes with the Ray II, but also have increased flexibility in capturing specific areas and angles with the Leo. The data captured by both scanners can easily be merged, allowing for a comprehensive and detailed representation. The Ray II seamlessly integrates with all other Artec 3D scanners within seconds, providing a cohesive and efficient workflow for all your scanning needs.

Discover the Artec Leo

Check Out Our Lineup

Our selection of 3D scanners includes the latest models from Artec, a global leader in 3D scanning technology. Take a look at what we offer to find the best 3D scanner for you!


Artec Leo

Exceptional accuracy and fully wireless capabilities combine to make the Artec Leo one of our top products. Its industry-leading features are condensed into a highly portable form factor, making it an excellent choice for forensics, healthcare, and manufacturing applications.


Artec Space Spider

CAD professionals and engineers count on precise measurements of large, industrial objects, which is where the Artec Space Spider shines. This specialized metrology 3D scanner is ideal for product design and prototyping when to-the-millimeter accuracy is needed.


Artec Ray

The Artec Ray can create long-range scans with staggering levels of precision, ensuring accurate details down to the submillimeter. This robust capability makes it perfect for any project involving 3D rendering of large or distant objects.


Artec Eva

Sometimes, simplicity is key. The Artec Eva makes it easy to get started with professional 3D scanning, thanks to straightforward features and a foolproof design. We recommend it for small-scale projects.


Artec Micro

The Artec Micro is an industrial desktop scanner that’s renowned for its one-click operation and compatibility with popular modeling software. It can measure within 10 microns, making it a great choice for applications where precision is paramount.

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What Makes the Ray II Stand Out?

From capturing large objects to providing precise and detailed scans, the Artec Ray II boasts many impressive capabilities. Take a look at some of its key features that make it stand out among other 3D scanner models:

  • Ability to capture large objects, such as automobiles, within minutes

  • Capable of capturing massive objects like airplanes and buildings within a few hours

  • Well-suited for reverse engineering, construction, and inspection applications

  • Ideal for scanning construction equipment, various vehicles, and scenic landscapes

  • Offers submillimeter precision to produce incredible detail

  • Minimizes post-processing time with impeccable 3D data capturing

  • Compatible with the Artec Remote App for convenient and safe scanner control in hard-to-reach or hazardous situations

  • Includes a set of rechargeable batteries with an 8-hour lifespan, along with a backup set

  • Advanced capability to filter out moving objects within the scene

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