It’s captivating.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a 3D rendering worth? 3D scans are interactive to the point of being spellbinding — online visitors will use their mouse to spin, turn, and manipulate your 3D renderings. That’s about as close as you can get to holding an object without actually holding an object.

Google loves rich media.

Google Shopping, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rule over all eCommerce businesses — you must follow the rules of the Google machine to get the best results.

Fortunately, Google prioritizes eComm sites that support and showcase rich media (photos, videos, GIFs, and of course, 3D renderings), which means you’ll have a better chance of showing up on page 1 of Google search listings, and having a reasonable PPC cost-effectiveness.

It’s more clickable and shareable.

Studies show that users are 10 times more likely to share a web page with some sort of visual element, rather than a page that’s a wall of text. Users love the instant gratification of colors and shapes rather than words, and that can make a huge difference in getting social media and backlinking momentum for your site.

It’s built with unsure customers in mind.

If you’re looking at a product online, and all you have are photos to reference, are you really going to be sure of what you’re paying for? Having a three-dimensional view of a product helps you to better understand its size, shape, and other attributes, making you much more likely to say “Hey, I think this product is going to work.”

It separates you from the competition.

If you’ve been in the world of eCommerce for awhile, you already know that this is a competitive and saturated industry, regardless of what you’re selling. Everyone has decent products, reasonable prices, free shipping over XYZ dollar amount, riveting product descriptions, and of course, product photos.

Don’t you want to offer something different that makes your eComm business stand out from the bunch?

It’s more effective (and profitable) to be an early adopter of 3D scanning your products, rather than being another salty sardine in the eCommerce tin.