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Need to buy a high-end 3D scanner and software? Want a professional to scan objects for you? Looking for extensive 3D scanner training and demos? You’ve come to the right place.

Reality 3D is your expert in 3D scanners, scanning services, and equipment training so your educational, industrial, manufacturing, or eCommerce building can take off. Contact us to speak with an expert today.

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Accuracy, ease of use, wireless capabilities. This handheld 3D scanner is perfect for small-scale, portable operations.

Metrological accuracy, super-high resolution, complex rendering ability. A professional 3D scanner that works for just about every industry.

Robust, large-scale, extremely high-def. A scanner for those who need big data on even bigger objects. Scans up to 110m away.

Large scanning volume, full-color scanning, idiot-proof. A great professional 3D scanner for those who are just getting started with scanning.

You want ease of use, quality of renderings, and precision of scanning. Reality 3D can offer all three and more to you with the Artec Micro industrial scanner.

Handheld 3D Scanner

Small handheld 3D scanners make it simple and easy to create detailed 3D renderings of small to medium-sized objects like vehicle parts, appliances, tech gadgets, body parts, and more. These scanners are excellent for ecommerce product scanning, small-scale healthcare, manufacturing, art, museum education, and more.

We Recommend: Artec Eva

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Metrology 3D Scanner

A specialized metrology 3D scanner is a precise instrument used by CAD professionals and engineers to capture details of large, industrial objects with to-the-millimeter accuracy. This type of scanner is an industry standard for reverse engineering, CAD, product design, prototyping, and manufacturing.


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Handheld Touchscreen 3D Scanner

A comprehensive wireless 3D scanner with a built-in touchscreen lets you watch as your 3D model is constructed in real time. This scanner easily captures large areas and fine details, making it an excellent choice for criminal justice, healthcare, manufacturing, museum conservation, and municipal applications.

We Recommend: ARTEC LEO

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Long-Range Laser 3D Scanner

Professional long-range 3D scanners offer extreme accuracy within a submillimeter, and scanning distances up to 110m. This speeds up post-processing and allows for the highest quality 3D scans available today. These scanners are excellent for online museums, heavy industry, manufacturing, surveying, and anything that involves 3D rendering of large or distant objects.

We Recommend: ARTEC RAY

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Don’t want to buy a 3D scanner? We can scan for you!

Reality 3D’s professional 3D scanning service can capture stunning 3D renderings of a variety of objects so you can focus on your day-to-day business operations.

  • On-site Scanning
  • Scanning of Mailed Products
  • Large Object 3D Scanning
  • Post-Processing and Rendering

Every situation is different, which is why all of our scanning quotes are custom. Contact us online to get your free quote today.

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Choose Colorado’s 3D Scanning Experts

Reality 3D offers 3D scanning services and sells 3D scanners for professional, educational, and industrial uses. We’re based out of Denver, Colorado, but we’re happy to help people across the country with their 3D scanning needs. Contact us to enquire about pricing today.

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