Creating detailed 3D Scans has never been so easy


As advanced smart mode which guides users through data processing in a few easy steps. Perfect for beginners to achieve professional high precision results.


Accelerate your engineering by fitting primitives to your 3D model and precisely positioning it. Export a STEP directly to Solidworks, or complex meshes to Design X or Geomagic for Solidworks

Time-saving quality control

Fast measurements and mesh-to-CAD analysis right in Artec Studio. Fully compatible with Geomagic Control X for advanced inspection.

High precision

Whether you choose from Autopilot or manual mode, Artec Studio never compromises on precision.

3D Radar for easy scanning

Color guided data visualization makes 3D scanning easy. Green means the scanner is the optimal distance from the object, red means you are too close and blue too far away. Makes scanning simple!

Process huge data sets with ease

Work with data sets up to 500 million polygons in Artec Studio. Means you can tackle scanning large objects and allows for making 3d models in the maximum resolution.

Scan Black and shiny objects

Artec Studio’s advanced algorithms makes capturing hard-to-scan surfaces such as hair, or shiny black objects easier.

No need for markers

Best in class color and geometry tracking means no need for targets on your object. Just point and shoot!

The Colors You Seek

Use Studio’s host of advanced tools, including enhanced color reproductions and auto-glare removal to create vivid color 3d models ready for CGI or 3D printing

Built with speed in mind

Studio’s powerful algorithms allow you to process data in seconds while automated features save you time.