As a 3D scanning service provider, Reality 3D is here to serve your scanning needs, whether that be scanners, software, or both! Located in Denver, Colorado, we strive to deliver the absolute best services alongside the top-tier 3D scanners that we offer our clients. Our mission is to reimagine the customer digital experience, which is why we want to offer you the Artec Studio 14 software for 3D scanning and data processing.

Why Choose Artec Studio 14

There are three major reasons why you should go with the Artec Studio 14 3D scanning software:

  1. Ease of scanning
  2. Mobility of scanning
  3. Quality of scanning

When you use Studio 14, you gain access to powerful 3D imaging software that’s been built for speed and quality — not many 3D scanning software companies can offer both. The processing of imaging data alongside the sub-millimeter precision of image collection is unprecedented in the industry.

Various 3D scanners allow for you to remain mobile while scanning your people, objects, or items. The lighter, more accessible scanners offer accessible scanning solutions while in the field — and maintain the high-quality you desire.

The fast, intuitive algorithms allow for super fast scanning while maintaining the highest quality of imaging possible. Not only are you able to reduce production time, but you’re also able to work with quality 3D renderings.

Automated Post-Processing Vs. Manual Post-Processing

You can be looking for a 3D scanning software to walk you through the post-processing steps, or you can be an advanced user searching for a way to improve your workflow. In either circumstance, Studio 14 can serve your needs.   

Automatic post-processing involves applying the optimal post-processing algorithms to achieve the best results possible, includes a full post-processing timeline, and saves you tons of time.

Manual post-processing allows you to:

  • Remove base
  • Align scan
  • Process
  • Apply texture and lighting
  • Simplify your mesh

Are you ready to invest in 3D scanning software? Call Reality 3D today to talk with an expert.