Applications for 3D Scanning in Oil and Gas


Whether you’re working in a refinery or out on a lease pad, the deformation of tanks can be an expensive issue to fix if they fail. Over time, you can 3D scan your tanks to ensure that you maintain and replace them before you have to deal with any performance issues or spills. Reality 3D offers scanners with scanning power of up to 110 meters (about 350 feet) with sub-millimeter accuracy.

Pipes and Valves

Want to monitor the deformation of pipes over time? Reality 3D offers the power of sub-millimeter scanning accuracy at up to 110 meters. This means that when you get in close to pipes, valves, and more, you are getting the truest shape, size, and texture possible. What’s more, 3D scanning can aid in the design, construction, and expansion processes.

Parts, Tools, and Supplies

Do you need to fit a new part on an older piece of equipment? Want to reverse engineer parts, tools, and equipment with sub-millimeter measurement accuracy? Reality 3D offers this type of data accuracy with their elite 3D scanners. You can also have one of our experts come out and do the scanning for you so that you don’t miss anything.